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<PurpleSym>rekado_: What does “the server that prepares the Guix environments” prepare exactly?
<rekado_>PurpleSym: it builds the derivation for a profile according to a generated manifest.
<rekado_>it does so to populate the store – and abort if any of the packages cannot be fetched or built
<rekado_>so once the profile has successfully be generated the user VM can be launched.
<rekado_>the user VM initialization script then builds that very same derivation but only fetches substitutes from the main server, which has already built it.
<rekado_>the result is that the VM can efficiently copy the profile.
<PurpleSym>Ah okay, I understand. So the “build server” is probably more powerful than user VM’s?
<rekado_>it’s not necessarily more powerful, it just has a different purpose.
<rekado_>the “build server” in my use case serves a web interface that allows people to configure their environments.
<rekado_>it also runs worker processes that cause Guix to build (or rather download) things, and it runs workers that spawn the VMs.
<rekado_>so this server needs to run with special privileges (an IAM role) that allow it to provision AWS resources
<rekado_>the user VMs *could* build their environments themselves, but that could fail and I don’t want to provision VMs when their initialization could fail.
<rekado_>I rather ensure in advance that they can be initialized
<zimoun>rekado_: about <>, I have started to turn these ideas <> onto a blog post. But to be complete, the story is still lacking a way to fallback to custom channels archived on SWH for the time-machine.
<zimoun>civodul: have you received the email I sent to Yann on Friday? Because my Univ. mail server had had issues this day.
<civodul>zimoun: i think so, yes
<civodul>zimoun: did you attend LibrePlanet?
<civodul>they had this virtual space thing that looks pretty cool
<zimoun>no, I was busy with family but I have read the FSF newsletter and noted this LibreAdventure stuff.
<zimoun>have you tried?
<rekado_>LibreAdventure looks fun
<rekado_>I’m so glad many more people had the same idea, so there is even a free implementation.
<civodul>is LibreAdventure the name of the software behind it?
<rekado_>yes, it’s the name of the fork:;a=summary
<rekado_>it’s a fork of the last free version of WorkAdventure
<rekado_>WorkAdventure uses AGPL + the annoying “Commons Clause”, so it’s non-free.
<civodul>oh i see
<civodul>would be nice to run that for the next Guix event
<zimoun>rekado_: have you had the time to give a look at <>?
<rekado_>zimoun: no time yet :(
<rekado_>I keep a record of all the issues I should take a look at, though, so I might get around to it at some point
<zimoun>ok, I plan to send another batch of R move.
<zimoun>this LibreAdventure seems really cool!
<zimoun>packaging Julia stuff, what is the Guix name for MIT license <> ?
<civodul>zimoun: probably Expat
<civodul>"the" MIT license is a misnomer as MIT published several licenses
<zimoun>it was I am doing with a ;TODO Check :-) Thanks for the clarification. I am removing these TODO so.
<rekado_>this gtoolkit thing looks fun
<rekado_>and of course I found myself agreeing with Konrad before I knew it was Konrad:
<civodul>yes gtoolkit looks really nice
<civodul>a mature smalltalk-ish Emacsy
<zimoun>oh, reading the twitter message by Konrad, I will give a try