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<rekado_>pigx-web now has a UI to assemble Guix environments; once submitted it creates the profile and starts an EC2 instance with access to the profile.
<rekado_>at some point I’ll extract it from pigx-web; seems generally useful.
<rekado_>it’s a good test case for Guile AWS
<rekado_>already found another bug…
<rekado_>and I really think Guile AWS needs a monadic API of some sort.
<rekado_>there’s a lot of nesting and operating on previous API responses, which makes the control flow pretty annoying
<zimoun>rekado_: wait, that’s look awesome! By «assemble Guix environment», do you mean pack Docker images?
<civodul>good news: a new Guix HPC deployment!
<civodul>by far our biggest deployment if we look at the number of cores (~12K)
<civodul>it's really a set of clusters though, not a single cluster
<zimoun>Twitter tells me: «This is not available to you» :-D
<civodul>ah well
<civodul>here's a link *not* in the darkweb:
<zimoun>thanks! Really cool!
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<rekado_>civodul: wow, excellent!