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<civodul> <- Docker images as a service?
<rekado_>FWIW, I’ll start hacking on a Guix env on AWS service today
<rekado_>super simple stuff: Guix runs on EC2 with the store on EFS (~ NFS); the web interface triggers a job that builds the requested profile; then spawns a new EC2 VM with the EFS mounted.
<rekado_>I’m a bit tired of containers
<rekado_>they seem so inelegant
<rekado_>all that copying and packing and duplication
<rekado_>zimoun: thanks for #47156
<rekado_>(if you use the X-Debbugs-Cc header instead of Cc I can see the issue number in my mail client)
<rekado_>FYI: I’m updating a few bioc packages now.
<zimoun>rekado_: yw! How do I do that X-Debbugs-Cc with git-send-email because I just did --cc
<rekado_>zimoun: you just need it on the cover letter
<zimoun>ok, so I add the field “X-Debbugs-Cc: <>“ and it will be better for you, right?
<rekado_>because then it’s debbugs doing the Cc, not your mail client
<rekado_>so I get put in Cc along with the bug email address.
<rekado_>that way I can simply reply to the email
<rekado_>(whereas now when I close it I input the email address by myself after finding the issue number on
<zimoun>yeah, I know how debbugs is cumbersome. And I did not now the trick. I will do for the next round; tomorrow or this evening. I am targetting to finish the clean up for the next release. :-)
<rekado_>zimoun: pushed the bioc upgrades; you can continue moving package definitions
***rekado_ is now known as rekado
<zimoun>rekado: another janitor set. With the X-Debbugs-Cc. :-)
<zimoun>For the record, r-biocparallel is not reproducible.
<rekado>zimoun: thanks, I’ll work on these two things later tonight
<rekado>site-library/BiocParallel/R/BiocParallel.rdb differs
<rekado>might be due to the use of ‘\today’ in the vignettes
<zimoun>I have not investigated yet. Just to notice because I was suspecting a quick fix. :-)
<zimoun>rekado: pigx does not build. Some tests fail.
<rekado>I got it down to 16 bytes, but I can’t figure out where those come from
<rekado>diffoscope doesn’t decode the data in the rds file, so I’m left guessing
<rekado>looks like seurat doesn’t like the upgrade of spatstat
<rekado>fixed pigx, and fixed the reproducibility problem in r-biocparallel
<rekado>(was not just \today but also an RNG seed)