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<rekado>yes, they keep updating packages; and they don’t have an archive, so if we haven’t cached the tarballs in time we can’t recover them.
<rekado>we really should move to the bioconductor git repos.
<zimoun`>yes, it is on my TODO but first I would like to finish the janitor stuff to have all in (guix packages bioconductor) :-)
<zimoun`>ok, for these 3 packages, I will try to send an update if you do not beat me. ;-)
<rekado>sure, go ahea
<rekado>I’m a little too busy with “cloud stuff” again :-/
<zimoun`>whereas you have time to review these r stuff ;-) For example 47010 :-)
<rekado>oh good, I’ll do that tomorrow
<rekado>I unsubscribed from guix-patches because I couldn’t keep up
<zimoun`>ok, next time I will CC you for these r stuff if it does not bother you.
<civodul>a talk by the Tweak folks (again) on Nix for reproducible data science:
<civodul>*Tweag (Freudian slip)
<civodul>hey zimoun!
<zimoun>civodul: hey!
<zimoun>I have to answer to your email and we have to do the next step about the french hpc day.
<civodul>we should act quickly for the initial steps
<zimoun>yeah, the date is fixed now and we have 3-4 speakers + ourselves so we need an official call. Well, I answer you later today (after my “meetings” if I do not do when it’s running ;-))
<zimoun>civodul: could you give a look at my patch fixing a CLI corner case for the “guix time-machine”?
<civodul>zimoun: not now, but sure!
<zimoun>just to remind in case the patch is falling in the crack. :-)
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<zimoun>rekado_: in addition to janitor patch#47010, please consider the fix patch#47070.
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<bavier[m]>install video for one of "our" latest systems:
<zimoun>civodul: about the Tweag video you sent earlier, do you know more about asterisk at 21:40 «Nix can be used to create super-lighweught Docker images!»
<zimoun>and at 23:40 Ongoing work: «development of a potential replacement for the Nix language». Hum, do they pick Scheme? :-p
<civodul>zimoun: i don't know, i was just somewhat annoyed, tbh :-)
<zimoun>bavier[m]: cool video! :-) Running Guix on the top of SLES?
<civodul>bavier[m]: fun! the technicians don't seem to hesitate, you cuold think it's easily done :-)
<bavier[m]>Ha, yeah, look easy, right? :) I don't know for sure whether or not Guix is running on that system...
<rekado_>bavier[m]: when I read “install” I really thought it would show the installation of Guix… :)
<bavier[m]>rekado_: sorry to disappoint :(
<civodul>i suspect rekado_ would have been disappointed if it had been a Guix install, precisely
<civodul>that's something we've seen before :-)
<rekado_>bavier[m]: I’m very slow and I thought to myself: “wow, that’s a very professional looking video! I wonder when the Guix installation… oh… ah… I understand.”
<rekado_>the only disappointment was in myself :)
<zimoun>civodul: thanks for the time-machine review. :-)
<zimoun>civodul: just before sleeping, is ’match’ not better over ’eq?’ as in the git-protocol patch for “guix lint”?