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<civodul>for a moment i was a happy user of cuirass + simple configuration at
<civodul>but it ran out of space and then i lost it
<civodul>and there's no one around to reboot it
<rekado>civodul: :(
<rekado>Guile AWS is a frustrating project!
<rekado>for every AWS API I tried I discovered quirks
<rekado>some respond with application/x-amz-json-1.1, others with application/json, yet others with text/xml
<rekado>some require weirdly mangled request strings (and the mangling scheme is poorly documented so that I’m mostly reverse engineering it), others have a JSON payload
<civodul>uh, sounds fun
<rekado>newer APIs are a little more disciplined; they use JSON with REST (so not everything is a POST request with a weird request string as in old APIs…). But the inconsistency makes this really tricky to compile the API definitions reliably.
<rekado>older APIs also don’t declare error types and their shape
<rekado>I can already spawn and destroy EC2 VMs, create/destroy EFS file systems and access points, etc.
<rekado>but I have little confidence in it because of all the inconsistencies.
<civodul>that sounds like a pretty nice achievement already, though
<civodul>perhaps you can look at other implementations for how they handle these quirks?
<rekado>I don’t know any implementation that compiles the JSON specifications to code.
<rekado>but that’s fine. I’ll just play with as many of the APIs that I reasonably can to find systemic quirks that the compiler should account for.
<rekado>I don’t need a perfect library.