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<zimoun>rekado_: reading all the emails received on holidays, I see your dish for the potluck and give a try to Guile-Studio. I remember a button (triangle) to run, removed? Well, in the code buffer, it misses something to click and run, IMHO. BTW, by default there is font issue about icons: flycheck and another.
<zimoun>about niceness stuff, have you seen <>?
<rekado_>I have seen nano emacs, but it’s not easily composable and I don’t think it’s a good fit for Guile Studio
<rekado_>the buttons have been moved to a context menu
<rekado_>you can right-click in the REPL buffer and the source buffer and you’ll get an appropriate menu
<rekado_>the welcome screen on the right mentions that
<zimoun>rekado_: Ah ok. Thanks. I find that less obvious. Well, to me «Access a context-specific menu by right-clicking.» is less straighforward than a green triangle to click-and-run. My 2 cents. :-)
<rekado_>yeah, it’s a tradeoff.
<rekado_>unfortunately, the tool bar in Emacs seems to be a rather neglected feature, which has some annoying quirks that were too difficult to work around.
<rekado_>I also couldn’t find enough useful tools to put up there to justify the thick tool bar *in addition* to the tab bar and menu bar.
<rekado_>I’ll see if I can get some of these really common features into the mode line.
<zimoun>thanks for the explanations. And one thing I would like to have (maybe I will try to add it) is the support of GWL. I mean, something to at least edit the wisp files with syntax highlight.
<civodul>rekado_: the latest changes in Guile Studio look nice
<civodul>IWBN to also present it as a bunch of .el files that people already using Emacs can load
<civodul>like Nano Emacs does
<rekado_>civodul: yes, I agree. I’d like to do that eventually.
<rekado_>I already “despecialized” it a little
<rekado_>zimoun: yes, that’s on my radar
<rekado_>I’m not sure if I really want wisp-mode, though, or better a gwl-mode
<rekado_>it’s not only about highlighting (but it would be nice to colorize the code snippets) but also about behavior
<rekado_>civodul: it already is a single guile-studio.el file, but it depends on the definition of a few variables (commented at the top):;a=blob_plain;f=guile-studio.el;h=5a4d205640451e7c0a72b5b160b4ed58647a18f6;hb=HEAD
<zimoun>rekado_: yeah, gwl-mode sounds even better :-)
<civodul>rekado_: oh that's great
<civodul>so i guess it could be available both as a standalone Emacs + as an ELPA package
<rekado_>eventually, yes
<rekado_>I’d like to hack a little web interface to allow users to compose a manifest (package by package) and spawn a container in the “cloud” that they can then connect to with SSH.
<civodul>rekado_: that'd be fun
<civodul>sounds like it could be an intern project or something, too
<civodul>also related to what PurpleSym presented at the Guix Days in November
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