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<zimoun>Hi! Back from holidays. :-)
<zimoun>civodul, rekado: not yet appeared on but long email «guix-based installation of pigx-rnaseq - works» starting with “sudo apt-get install guix” then “guix install pigx-rnaseq”. Awesome!
<civodul>zimoun: niice!
<rekado>I’ve seen people from Debian Med on the pigx mailing list in the past days
<rekado>they have pointed out a number of … problems with pigx-rnaseq that I wouldn’t have expected from packagers, so I guess they are actually using it.
<rekado>from that email: “Somewhat annoying, if we ever decide to also reference guix packages in d/u/metadata, then there are only versioned web pages like, so we would only have moving targets point to.”
<rekado>we should fix that at some point…
<zimoun>I have not carefully read this mailing list, well, an kind of hackathon had recently been run, I guess.