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<awb99>Has anyone had any luck using Rserv under guix? The official r-rserve package does hit compile Rserv
<PurpleSym>awb99: Looks like copying some binaries fails silently, because it tries to copy them to $R_HOME.
<civodul>rekado_: i've logged in at birdsite
<civodul>is there any message you had in mind?
<civodul>that has me wanting to move that to the fediverse...
<rekado_>civodul: “is there any message you had in mind?” <— there is more than one way to understand this. Do you mean a message to be posted on our birdsite feed?
<civodul>rekado_: yes, that's what i meant
<civodul>sorry for the fuzzy wording :-)
<rekado_>I was just thinking of announcing the last release, the HPC report, and the FOSDEM talks
<civodul>yes, ok
<civodul>i can start doing that
***rekado_ is now known as rekado
<awb99>@purple there are 2 issues with r-rserve first the copying. But I think it does nto create the binary also because R is compiled with a missing flag. It seems the r-minimal package removed this flag.
<PurpleSym>awb99: Can you file a bug report?
<efraim>Are all of the guix talks available from the fosdem video recordings?
<civodul>not sure!
<civodul>there are quite a few at
<civodul>looks like rekado's talk is not at yet
<rekado>there were problems with the video I reviewed
<rekado>they sent me a new link to review, but I didn’t have time to do that yet
<rekado>probably tonight
<awb999>I filed the t-tserv bug
<rekado>awb999: r-with-tests is the foundation for r-minimal
<rekado>we just cannot build the tests without also pulling in additional dependencies which breaks reproducibility
<rekado>r-minimal simply *adds* to the configure flags, it doesn’t override them
<rekado>I’ll look at r-rserve
<rekado>awb999: I don’t understand what the problem here is. I see that /gnu/store/4zwkwap00r7jicz3fcivf81x1pdr5k4p-r-rserve-1.8-6/bin/Rserve gets installed.
<rekado>is that not correct?