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<rekado_>now that we have our Twitter account back, perhaps we should re-post a few announcements.
<civodul>oh, it's back?
<civodul>yeah we should re-post things
<rekado_>yeah, I forwarded you their email a few days back
<rekado_>does anyone here use a Grid Engine derivative as their HPC scheduler?
*civodul was afk and doesn't dare open mailboxes
<civodul>rekado_: at work they have slurm
<rekado_>I just noticed that Univa Grid Engine does not support any of the duration hints with DRMAA (but they offer time limits on the command line). I’d like to record some quirks like that in guile-drmaa, so that the library automatically uses the scheduler’s “native specification” (in DRMAA parlance) for features that are not exposed via DRMAA.