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<rekado_>I wanted to name it guile-drama initially, but then I thought this would be confusing
<zimoun`>guile-drama is confusing but the pun is really funny though :-)
***nckx[2] is now known as nckx
<PurpleSym>We may have a bit of a problem regarding RStudio since v1.4. It tries to build panmirror, which is a TypeScript library and depends on 453 NPM packages.
<rekado>oof. Is this optional?
<PurpleSym>I don’t see a switch to turn it off right now, rekado :(
<rekado>the TypeScript conversion to JavaScript could be handled by esbuild; but there’s no easy fix for 453 NPM packages
<PurpleSym>I’m playing with the experimental recursive NPM importer right now.
<PurpleSym>But it depends on changes to node-build-system too.
<zimoun>Argh! I had forgotten how pip is so prone-error and hard to debug when it fails. Guix is so much better… just missing tensorflow. :-p
*rekado updates all CRAN packages again
<zimoun>rekado: cool! Let me know if you need help.