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<zimoun>rekado_: congrats! Really cool! I am checking out…
<janneke>civodul's talk up now:
<rekado_>yay, just in time for the baby’s nap!
*rekado_ missed the first half of the devroom talks :-/
<zimoun>rekado_: I am just updating my GWL after so long time. :-) “guix environment gwl” then “./bootstrap && ./configure” is failing. Is it expected? Do I have to go with “guix environment -L channel --load=.guix.scm” only?
<zimoun>ah yeah, the package gwl in guix is probably not updated yet. :-)
<rekado_>I already updated the “gwl” package in Guix
<rekado_>I’m using the latter command, though
<zimoun>maybe my Guix is bit of commits lagging behind.
<zimoun>It works. Cool! Thanks.
<zimoun>rekado_: how I can run GWL with “./pre-inst-env”?
<zimoun>civodul: I am done for today, so I will give a look tomorrow for the report. Publishing tomorrow seems ambitious and postpone to Tuesday seems more reasonnable. :-) Well, let see tomorrow
<civodul>yeah i was thinking of Tuesday (did i say Monday?)
<civodul>we should add a sentence about the GWL release now
<civodul>the report gets big news items in the last few days :-)
<rekado_>I already changed the last sentence in the section on the GWL
<civodul>yay, thanks!
<civodul>BTW if you feel like publishing the announcement on the blog at some point, go ahead
<rekado_>the GWL release announcement? On the HPC blog or the Guix blog?
<civodul>yes, the GWL announcement, on the HPC blog maybe?
<civodul>(i suppose you have other cabbage to fry for now, that's just an idea)