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<civodul>heh, indeed, Guix Pro Consulting GmbH :-)
*civodul -> zZz
<civodul>sweet dreams!
***rekado_ is now known as rekado
<rekado>MDC HPC might switch from GPFS to Ceph or LUSTRE
<rekado>so soon we might be able to do without NFS
<civodul>oh, is that a relief for you?
<civodul>or could it become... a different nightmare?
<rekado>I’m ready to find out!
<rekado>ditching GPFS is a relief, because it’s inconvenient (nodes have root access on all other GPFS nodes, external mounting only via NFS) and proprietary
<rekado>Ceph file systems can be mounted directly.
<rekado>I don’t know if Guix will work on Ceph, though
<civodul>why wouldn't it?
<rekado>not sure if the quirks of Ceph will become a problem
<rekado>some cluster file systems don’t support links, others don’t support atime, etc
<rekado>I don’t know where Ceph falls in this regards
<civodul>OTOH /gnu/store is not very demanding
<rekado>but if it presents itself to the client like any other file system I think it’s going to be good
<civodul>it really doesn't need atime/mtime/ctime
<civodul>well, you'll tell us :-)
<rekado>it’s still a few weeks or months before I get to play with it.
<rekado>Ceph testing seems to have advanced enough to seriously consider it.
<rekado>LUSTRE testing appears to have stalled
<rekado>(that’s not due to the file systems but probably reflects the schedule of the people involved in testing)
<civodul>no news from birdsite BTW?
<civodul>a colleague is telling me that someone with an account with more followers, like FOSDEM, could "pressure" (ah ah) Twitter
<civodul> just says "Account suspended" now
<rekado>no news :-/
<civodul>i'll ask around for suggestions
*rekado tries to repair python2-* things :-/
<rekado>these packages should be moved to Guix Past eventually
<rekado>but I’m afraid I’ll have to reanimate the corpses of python2-setuptools, python2-numpydoc, etc
<zimoun>Ouch! I proposed to move all to guix-past instead of plain removals.
<civodul>yeah, we can't keep'em all in Guix proper
<civodul>zimoun: BTW, could you take a look at the report?
<civodul>i know i know, it's Friday evening :-)
<zimoun>civodul: done earlier today.
<zimoun>civodul: about my “pack -f docker”, if it is tar the cultprit, I am missing something. Which tar is used? The one provided by Guix or by the Host?
<civodul>zimoun: oh thanks for the additions to the report!
<civodul>zimoun: it's the tar from Guix that's used
<civodul>because the image is built in a derivation
<zimoun>civodul: if tar are the sames, why do they act differently?
<civodul>dunno; did you answer my message? (i'm lagging behind as always)
<zimoun>civodul: Yes, obviously! :-) Right after the report, to free my mind and be prepared for the intense week-end. ;-)
*civodul is not really in FOSDEM mood (yet)
<zimoun>yes, it is definitively not the same.
<zimoun>and the usual comics you get back will be missing, maybe complaints at home? :-)
<rekado>“Make sure you have access to a comfortably large screen. >= 24" screen size and >= 1920x1080 resolution would be comfortable. Things will work on a 12" 1366x768 laptop screen, but usability will suffer. Juggling an outgoing video stream, chat messages and a question scoreboard on a small screen is not fun.”
<rekado>yeah… well… I don’t have a screen
<rekado>I’m not really comfortable with the requirements for FOSDEM this time.
<rekado>I get it, it’s a totally different thing to organize an online conference and I’m sure this works for lots of people, but…
<rekado>boy do I feel … out of touch
<rekado>this is the *third* JS chat client in a web browser that I need to have open now. And it’s just not convenient for me to be in the browser.
<rekado>I totally forgot about the Guix Days; I don’t know anything about them other than that they are scheduled for Monday.
<zimoun>yeah, too much mandatory fancy JS stuff.
<zimoun>for the Guix Day on Monday, I do not know. If there is a schedule, I totally missed it.
<civodul>yeah simply setting up is a lot of work
<civodul>let alone recording the talk
<civodul>as for the Guix Day, i hope someone is planning a bit
<civodul>i'm not entirely sure tho :-)
<zimoun>and I have not figured out how to shut down the sound in the matrix channels stuff…
<civodul>oh, i didn't hear anything
<civodul>maybe i didn't stay long enough
<zimoun>if someone writes your name, I guess.
<zimoun>but there is an IRC bridge, I guess. At least for room channel. They wrote irc://
<zimoun>oh, I have not see all. I am not sure to understand how it will work. One room per talk… my brain will explode.
<civodul>fortunately rekado will be first :-)
<rekado>zimoun: sadly I don’t have the mental bandwidth to watch any talks live
<rekado>I’ll just anxiously wait for my time to come, maybe fix a few GWL bugs to pass the time.
<rekado>I’m trying to release GWL 0.3.0 before then.
<rekado>already fixed the last big bug I introduced; just need to update the tests to be sure I didn’t miss anything
<civodul>too much pressure, comrade :-)
<zimoun>well, the main track #fosdem-declarative.minimalistic works fine with ERC :-)
<civodul>i also feel more willing to spend time reading or doing nothing, but i'll sure be around at 5PM tomorrow!
<civodul>zimoun: indeed, cool!
<civodul>M-x emojify-mode and you're done
<zimoun>Well, if I count correctly, civodul your video is 51m07 and the slot is 55m so assuming 53s of technical delay, it means 3m of questions. That’s an heavy organization with fancy JS for only 3m. ;-)
<civodul>honestly, if i were more competent/less lazy (less overwhelmed, too), i'd have edited the video
<civodul>oh well, we'll see!
<rekado>casually editing video as someone who doesn’t also run a {You,Peer}Tube channel is a big feat
<rekado>if I were to do this more often I’d build a little teleprompter, buy better lights, and install a video streaming card.
<rekado>(copying video files off a camcorder takes forever — especially when you realize after copying that it doesn’t look good)
<rekado>huh, the tests pass
*rekado is suspicious
<zimoun>civodul: you can bookmark this thread <> about reproducibility and capturing the environment. When what compiling really means is skipped. :-)