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<civodul>rekado_: i like what you wrote!
<civodul>it's technical but i find it very clear
<civodul>and it nicely presents the kind of problems we solve
<civodul>i wonder if the first paragraph should have one or two sentences re-explaining what the GWL is about
<rekado_>yes, I should add something there
<rekado_>I’m very busy today (trying to migrate off of Shiny Server Pro[prietary] to Guix + nginx), but I hope I can add a few sentences tonight.
<civodul>sure, np!
<civodul>& good luck :-)
***rekado_ is now known as rekado
<rekado>I added a short introduction to the GWL section.
<civodul>thanks rekado!
<civodul>i hope it didn't spoil your evening :-)
<rekado>no, it was already spoiled, so all is good!
<rekado>I’ve been sitting here with very little interruption since I got up.
<rekado>I should be hacking on the GWL to be able to publish a release, but this work thing came up…
<rekado>Shiny Server Pro apparently costs us 10kEUR per year(?), so it would be sweet if we could just not spend that and use Guix instead.
<civodul>wait wat?
<civodul>did you consider providing a Guix Server Pro offer?
<civodul>with a Premium option?
<civodul>wasn't it efraim who wrote this r-shiny service BTW?
<rekado>heh :)
<rekado>Shiny Server Pro is, I think, a proprietary redistribution of nginx that makes Shiny application deploymnent easier.
<rekado>the Pro variant permits one to run more than one process per Shiny app, and it allows more than one version of R to be used.
<rekado>so I thought: we could totally just use nginx and use Guix containers (or “containers”)
<rekado>next time I should charge for it :)
<rekado>(we should consider starting a consulting company)