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<rekado>biotim: that’s good to know, thank you!
<rekado>I just wanted to add a Guix channel to the GWL repository and creating an orphan branch while having untracked files in the repository was a very bad idea.
<rekado>switching back to the non-orphan branch requires cleaning out *all* tracked files
<rekado>today I wrote this clunker: (,(symbol-append 'quasi 'quote) ,(reverse (cons last-chunk chunks)))
<rekado>generating a quasiquoted expression without quasiquoting the code.
<zimoun>oh neat! :-)
<rekado>I wrote a section in the Activity Report on the use of inferiors in the GWL.
<rekado>I worry it might be too technical.
<rekado>comments welcome!
<civodul>rekado: thank you!
<civodul>i'll take a look tomorrow
<zimoun>rekado: well, it is well writtem. :-) I am too biaised to have an opinion if it is too technical or not.
<zimoun>BTW, how do the extensions work with the “guix time-machine”?
<rekado>that depends on the extension, I’d say
<rekado>I think the GWL currently *only* uses ~/.config/guix/current
<rekado>initially, I implemented it as a parameter, so that the inferior could be overridden, but I simplified this when I encountered too many (unrelated) problems.
<zimoun>ok, that’s just one thing I thought reading your words
<rekado>it’s a good point