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<rekado>I thought about staging and delaying execution of the procedure field again. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not worth the trouble.
<rekado>If I really wanted to delay evaluation of definitions then I’d have to make GWL modules available at run-time.
<rekado>much like (guix build utils)
<rekado>the more I thought about this the more complex all of it seemed
<civodul>ah yes, it could be a can of worms
<rekado>there’s very little to be gained here, so I’ll likely go with a new “values” field where non-procedure values can be provided that are then referenced in the code snippet.
<civodul>makes sense
<rekado>bothers me a bit, because I feel like this alist or keyword list style of passing around values to another stage is a little clunky, but short of (de-)serializable environments I see no better way.
<civodul>it's very similar to the inputs alists for packages
<civodul>it's clunky, but it does the job
<civodul>probably it's okay to go with something a bit clunky first, and maybe revisit this issue later
<civodul>(that's what i told myself regarding package inputs some ~8 years ago :-))
<rekado>I felt reminded of many Guix things and found a renewed appreciation for its design and tradeoffs :)
<civodul>tradeoffs, yes :-)