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<rekado>hmm, even without the package transformation and just an inherited package I get that patch symlink, which breaks the world
<rekado>so… instead of creating a package variant of the ‘guix’ package I updated the package definition directly.
<rekado>now the problem is gone.
<rekado>the patch really sped things up considerably.
<zimoun`>Can’t wait to see the Jupyter’s demo :-)
***zimoun` is now known as zimoun
<civodul>the demo will be the hands-on session, tho!
<zimoun>yeah but I have heard to group 2 could only see and listen
<civodul>ah ok
<zimoun>rekado: ouch about the world rebuild… Maybe I am saying something silly, is it not possible to grafts to avoid the build rebuild?
<rekado>zimoun: it only happens when I build a custom Guix with (package (inherit guix) …) or with options->transfromations
<rekado>I think this is a bug that presents itself when the ‘guix’ package is transformed
<rekado>since I don’t depend on that transformation, though, it doesn’t block my development of the GWL
<rekado>I worked around this by updating the ‘guix’ package in (gnu packages package-management)
<rekado>no more world rebuilding
<rekado>I’ll try to reduce the test case for this and submit a bug report later.
<rekado>now I’m back to working on pigx-rnaseq.w
<zimoun>ah yeah I understand
<rekado>woo, finish running pigx-rnaseq.w to completion for the first time!
<rekado>there are some caching quirks/bugs and a few things about code snippets (e.g. references to non-existent variables don’t trigger an error)
<rekado>but: this means that the GWL can in fact be used for non-trivial workflows with arbitrary inputs (the first real-world GWL workflows had hardcoded inputs)
<civodul>rekado: yeah, congrats!
<civodul>it's a great idea to try it on a real-world example
<civodul>and to succeed :-)