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<civodul>hey there!
*civodul starts "user tools for HPC" training session
<efraim>sounds like fun
<civodul>when the organizers planned for it a year ago, they were aiming to have it in a beautify sunny place
<civodul>needless to say, everyone ends up being at home in front of their screen
<civodul>yet, it should be nice!
<efraim>we're in the middle of our multi-day rain storm. It's dropped to about 19C, according to the dehumidifier in the bathroom. I finally turned off the air conditioner in the car during the rare times I leave the house :)
<civodul>heh *that* is a sunny place :-)
<efraim>debconf21 should be in Haifa this august! i'm looking forward to that
<civodul>oh neat! let's hope it can take place physically
<civodul>hey zimoun!
<civodul>we're doing an introduction round over BBB and it's a lot of "can you hear me?" and "X has troubles with their mic"
<civodul>low bandwidth
<zimoun>yeah, I am a bit late but connected: 1 2 test micro, roger :-)
<zimoun>Ah, I get “I moved to another job“ for Ben Woodcroft’s email from Australia; so I sent them an email and they is not using Guix anymore, sadly. They asked to remove from guix-hpc.
<civodul>oh ok
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<zimoun>civodul: do I push to website-hpc in drafts/ the annual report? If yes, do I let previous sections since a lot of wording still make sense?
<civodul>zimoun: i suppose last year's sectioning still makes sense, so we can keep it and adjust later if needed
<zimoun>civodul: ok, I have tweaked to change the dates, so I am pushing.
<civodul>thank you!
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<zimoun>Something to read about Reproducibiliy and Replocability; why human research is not always Science.
<rekado>two of my colleagues looked at the translation of pigx-rnaseq from Snakemake to GWL and they said that it looks very clean and easy to understand
<rekado>so… that’s good!
<rekado>Snakemake: expand(os.path.join(SALMON_DIR, "{sample}", "quant.genes.sf"), sample=SAMPLES)
<rekado>GWL: files SALMON_DIR / SAMPLES / "quant.genes.sf"
<rekado>look at all those parentheses in the Snakemake example! ;)
<civodul>rekado: heh, well done! :-)
<civodul>you worked hard to optimize the paren count ;-)
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<rekado>I really need to figure out how to generate good error messages, though
<rekado>with wisp it’s easy to screw up the indentation and get a seemingly nonsensical error message
<rekado>right now I get this: pigx-rnaseq/pigx-rnaseq.w:388:65: Wrong type to apply: "HBR_Rep1.read1.fastq.gz"
<rekado>and at the position that it reports there is nothing wrong
<rekado>ah, I had a variable ‘file’ in scope that shadowed the ‘file’ macro, so I applied the file name instead of the macro…
<rekado>here it would be nice if I could detect that the symbol 'file was used and that a global binding of the same name exists and has been shadowed.