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<zimoun>rekado_: yeah, ’file’ seems to improve readibility
<rekado_>zimoun: this is the latest version of pigx-rnaseq:
<rekado_>I found that workflows themselves must be able to require packages.
<rekado_>in pigx-rnaseq, before any process is even computed a sample sheet must be parsed
<rekado_>this requires guile-dsv, so the workflow needs to be executed in an environment where guile-dsv is available irrespective of the declared package inputs of each process.
<rekado_>the parsed sample sheet is used to define SAMPLES, which is then used to get concrete per-sample processes
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<rekado>I’m observing a real-world example of breakage due to mismatched Guix versions in the workflow langueg.
<rekado>time to work on inferiors
<rekado>the problem here seems to be that the released version of Guix contains the newer version of nmap with the non-free npsl license.
<rekado>but the running Guix does not have a definition for that license.