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<rekado_>here’s a silly idea: a Guix service that receives a list of package specifications and returns a pack
<rekado_>there are no HPC clusters on rented VMs; the closest we can get is Kubernetes, which operates on the level of container blobs (no shared file system)
<rekado_>so having a service that generates these container blobs on the fly would allow us to use Kubernetes with Guix without having to generate container blobs manually
*rekado_ is in a call about cloud deployment of scientific workflows
<rekado_>I’m disappointed with the state of rented computing (aka cloud stuff)
<rekado_>the obsession with container blobs makes easy things harder than they should be.
<rekado_>HPC clusters have shared file systems but Kubernetes does not, so you keep copying data around when you have multiple processes that need access.
<civodul>rekado_: that makes sense!
<civodul>i remember discussing it while walking in Brussels a while back :-)
<civodul>ahem, a year ago, we were in the process of writing
<civodul>i have the intuition that zimoun could champion coordinating work this year :-)
<rekado_>bah, this new FOSDEM mode is not working for me. I always relied on being able to just wing it and work on slides in the train.
*rekado_ works on slides
<rekado_>while putting off actual work on the slides I wrote a little extension for the picture language to create highlighted code snippets
<rekado_>it’s a little easier than manual highlighting in inkscape
<civodul>rekado_: yeah this FOSDEM mode was equally frustrating for me
<civodul>picture language & highlighted code?
<civodul>how does that relate? :-)
*civodul curious
<rekado_>I now have code->pict, which takes a code snippet as a string, applies a lexer, and then converts each marked-up string to an SVG text node with provided styling applied.
<rekado_>then it glues together every chunk and every line and returns a picture of syntax-highlighted text
<rekado_>SVG does not do text layouting, unlike HTML
<civodul>oh neat!
*rekado_ tries to remember how to use the blender sequence editor for video editing
<civodul>i didn't do any editing, because i'm incompetent and tired
<civodul>i read that kdenlive is a good tool for that, though
<rekado_>I need editing because I’m even more incompetent!
<civodul>heh :-)
<rekado_>I’m in love with Lots of good material for slides.
*rekado_ downloads a drawing of a giraffe skeleton
<civodul>heh, fun :-)