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<rekado_>zimoun: wip-r has been merged into master
<civodul>congrats to the two of you!
<zimoun>rekado_: cool for the wip-r merge. Nice!
<zimoun>If I feel in janitor mood, now I will continue to move all Bioconductor packages to bioconductor.scm.
<rekado_>now is maybe not a good time
<rekado_>because I’m updating package definitions in statistics.scm
<rekado_>better to do this after the CRAN updates have been merged
<rekado_>shouldn’t take too long
<rekado_>I’m building all the new packages now
<zimoun>ok, got it
<zimoun>I do not know if the missing substitutes are from CI issues. For example, r-flowmeans-1.50.0 builds but still missing.
<rekado_>I saw a couple of failed CI tasks, but they built fine on my machine.
<rekado_>I built these locally: r-flowstats r-genomicscores r-bsgenome-dmelanogaster-ucsc-dm3 r-cistopic r-qdnaseq r-biocsingular r-quasr r-multiassayexperiment r-yapsa
<rekado_>they were listed as failed
<rekado_>I also got no substitute for r-rsubread
<rekado_>don’t know why
<zimoun>Yeah me too. It is annoying if it comes from GC io.
<rekado_>zimoun: The CRAN updates are in master now. I’ll just do a few more Bioconductor stragglers and then leave it to you.
<rekado_>zimoun: done. You’re welcome to move around packages now :)