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<civodul>hey zimoun!
<civodul>i'm looking at the post
<zimoun>do you plan to publish the Release on HPC today? does the draft need revamp?
<zimoun>cool! Tell me if you need my inputs
<civodul>yeah i'm mostly moving paragraphs around :-)
<zimoun>ah we like different taste of wine ;-)
<civodul>i thought a couple of things were under the wrong heading
<civodul>i've pushed changes
<civodul>if that's fine with you, let's publish
<civodul>(few people willl notice anyway because we're locked out of the birdsite currently)
*civodul has a boring meeting in 10mn :-/
<zimoun>push whenever you want. Fine with me. :-)
<zimoun>Enjoy your meeting ;-)
<civodul>should be online within a few minutes
<zimoun>I will try to drop an email to guix-science if you do not beat me :-)
<civodul>oh sure, go ahead!
<rekado_>still no response from Twitter support BTW :-/
<rekado_>there’s a new typo for the next song: “exploratinon” (in the post)
<rekado_>zimoun: when you feel like completing the bioconductor upgrade please let me know
<rekado_>I’d then push my WIP somewhere
<civodul>rekado_: ah ah, we're good at typos
<zimoun>rekado_: I am right now resuming this since a user here is gently complaining :-)
<rekado_>zimoun: okay, I’ve pushed one big blog of WIP to wip-r
<rekado_>this needs to be reset and distributed to the previous commits that upgrade packages
<rekado_>there’s likely more to be fixed as I got build failures due to missing inputs the last time I tried to build just a handful of packages.
<zimoun>the last commit is e6da7c41cf5baba011a48e1e36b7ad916b69f86c right?
<rekado_>and I suggest resetting that commit first thing
<zimoun>by resetting, you mean split it into several commit, right? I am sorry but I am lost with the fast-forward not-writting history.
<zimoun>Then do I send to guix-patches?
<zimoun>About CI, why “spec:wip-r system:x86_64-linux status:failed” return nothing? I am always confused by the Cuirass UI.
<rekado_>“git reset HEAD^” will undo the last commit but keep the changes.
<zimoun>but once I commit the tweak, somehow the history is rewritten. No?
<zimoun>So I missed the point and the workflow of the previous conversation some days ago. Anyway.
<rekado_>no, sorry, it’s my failure to articulate
<rekado_>what we agreed upon was to not rewrite history for now
<rekado_>lest we lose work due to miscommunication
<rekado_>but at some point before we merge into master we will have to undo my WIP commit
<rekado_>doesn’t really matter if we do this now or later, but I think it’s easier to do it sooner than later
<rekado_>before rewriting the tip of the wip-r branch, though, we should give Roel a heads-up
<zimoun>rekado_: ok. About Cuirass? I have started to locally build the packages I am interested (flow cytometry stuff) and I am fixing stuff. But I cannot all. How to I use Cuirass? I am lost with the UI. Where can I read the failing packages and the raw logs?
<zimoun>rekado_: I am going back to home. I will read back the log from here.
<rekado_>zimoun: at you see all evaluations, i.e. every attempt to compute build jobs when you pushed a relevant change
<rekado_>at the right you see the corresponding *new* successes, failures, and queued up jobs
<rekado_>AFAIK there’s no overview of successes, failures, and scheduled build jobs *per branch*
<rekado_>I think we can come up with a list of low hanging fruit to make the UI more useful
<rekado_>for example, it would be great if the tables could be filtered without having to craft a query
<rekado_>e.g. this one here:
<rekado_>let me filter by system, because I don’t care all that much about the i586-gnu failures
<rekado_>and filter by job name because I’d like to see only the r-* packages that have failed