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<civodul>hey there!
<civodul>does someone have pytorch in a channel?
<zimoun>civodul: sadly not. It could be awesome to have. It is almost the last bit for me to switch to full Guix. :-)
<civodul>so why are you chatting here instead of hacking the good hack? ;-)
<zimoun>because I am enjoying my Friday trolling afternnon. ;-)
<civodul>right, same here :-)
<civodul>+ roptat's talk, crazy stuff
<zimoun>About PyTorch in Guix, in addtion to a dedicated team to work on IA tools stuff, Debian is doing an interesting workflow for Debian-Med, started to release specific tools about COVID: video chat meeting, ~1h once (or 2) a month; say every 2nd and 17th, to discuss progress, block point, syncrhonise, etc. Maybe ideas to steal / adapt
<civodul>i'm not a fan of video chat, but yeah, some sort of synchronization can help
<civodul>among volunteers that can be challenging at times
<civodul>but that can work nicely if there are labs/institutes/companies involved
<zimoun>video chat, I do not know. The point is: regular meeting with a mean of communication that is not the usual one; breaking the habit: ah yes that’s today. Similarly that Meetup vs mailing list works for instance.
<civodul>yeah ok
<zimoun>and for sure labs/institutes/companies could be great. I speak for the French institutes that I know, it is always complicated… well, they are nice once it works and not really helpful to make it happen. Bit disappointed by recent events. Anyway.
<zimoun>I have sent just seen and maybe we could try to organize with GuixHPC folks something like that: one tutorial day with examples, real life examples, etc. or maybe morning tutorial and afternoon some presentation
<civodul>let's be positive!
<civodul>look, there's a handf^W few institutes represented here
<civodul>and yes, i think we really need to organize seminars + training sessions for Guix
<civodul>we could have funding, work time, etc.
<zimoun>yeah +Science :-)
<civodul>though note that we won't need funding for coffee breaks and travel expenses in the forseeable future :-)
<zimoun>Yeah, I think we should pick this opprtunity of Virtual events ;-)
<zimoun>The piece of work is prepare materials, contact people and communicate
<civodul>i note that you're doing a good job at that tho :-)
<zimoun>Thanks, I am trying :-)
<zimoun>one year ago, we tried to launch with Christophe Pouzat (Paris 5) a seminar about reproducibility in Paris. Then life happened and I failed to keep it live. People about various fields (scikit, stats, maths, Konrad, etc.) were very positive… So, I think there is room for an Guix event about science and beyond; from laptop to cluster.
<zimoun>Well, I put that in my TODO list and I will send an email to guix-science in the very near future. Let’s try to prepare something for the second quarter of 2021 (between march-june)
<civodul>oh nice
<civodul>i never met Christophe but we were on an "ANR" project proposal together
<zimoun>Maybe this training session fits better that (blog post or similar) what I proposed some weeks ago about feedback by the current users (INRIA, etc.).
<civodul>yes, definitely
<zimoun>thanks for the discussion, and let make it happen :-) I have to go now. See you then
<civodul>see ya!