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<civodul>PurpleSym: how's everything going with Guix-Science?
<PurpleSym>civodul: Well, it works :) Requested a server to build and serve substitutes. Preparing a talk proposal for Guix Day right now, so I haven’t worked on a blog post wrt guix-science yet.
<civodul>good that it's moving forward
<PurpleSym>I guess we just need discoverability after building substitutes, so people actually start to use (and contribute to) it.
<civodul>you mean discoverability of the channel?
<PurpleSym>Yeah, exactly. But I mean, that’s a problem for all channels…
<civodul>right, so first we can have that blog post on Guix-HPC
<civodul>that'll improve visibility
<civodul>then, for packages who agree to follow the FSDG, we could have a page on the web site
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<zimoun>PurpleSym: cool! About everything
<zimoun>PurpleSym, civodul: page on which web site? or Because for example could list “non-free” channel, as for example
<civodul>zimoun: i think we should have a list of FSDG channels on
<civodul> has an informal list already