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<zimoun>rekado: hey! About the Bioconductor update, I should be able to send all the easy today. Let me know when the wip-r branch is created. Do I send *all* via guix-patches? Or directly to you?
<efraim>rekado: I suggest a baby wrap. Our kids loved them and they also loved grabbing fist fulls of beard while sleeping.
*zimoun is AFK. Long day (french) pre-lockdown. Pfff!
<rekado>efraim: I have two, but I don’t like to use it at night when the baby should be sleeping in bed. Works well enough all other times, though.
<rekado>zimoun (if you’re reading the logs): please push directly to wip-r.
<efraim>we also swaddled our kids. my mom called them baby burritos. no flailing themselves awake
<rekado>sounds delicious :)
<rekado>we tried that but I’m really bad at this
<zimoun>rekado: I am reading the logs :-) Hum? Do you mean push to with the branch wip-r? Because I cannot. Or do you mean push to my wip-r branch on some remote repo and then indicate you where to fetch?
<rekado>zimoun: oh, you don’t have push rights yet? You should get them.
<zimoun>rekado: no, I do not have the super power, yet. :-) For now, I do not want them. :-) Because I would like to push for a “Release Team“ and as discussed with civodul at FOSDEM, participate to the releasing process does not require super power. I would be the example of that. :-0 Does it make sense?
<rekado>we can’t separate push rights to wip branches from push rights to the master branch
<rekado>I think it’s very useful to be able to push to wip branches
<rekado>you’re welcome to push to a clone of the repository; I’ll then fetch from there.
<zimoun>thanks. I think it is the right move now.
<civodul>hi, locked-down (?) friends
<zimoun>Ah! More time to work on Guix? ;-)
<civodul>heh, not sure
<civodul>the biggest difficulty is to remain hopeful
<civodul>this is going to be the place of friendship & hope more than ever!
<zimoun>yahoga! todas las buenas ondas! y todo bien! comrades! :-)
<zimoun>Bazel and Reproducibility Research:
<civodul>¿que pasó con el compañero zimoun?
<civodul>the "Bazel and reproducible research" team looks interesting
<civodul>er, s/team/talk/