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<zimoun>hi! Does it make sense to publish the blog post annoucing Guix Day also on
<rekado_>It’s not exactly an HPC event.
<rekado_>while there might be one or two talks that are relevant to HPC people, I feel that it’s not quite as relevant to people who only follow Guix for HPC work.
<zimoun>rekado_: somehow, is now more guix-science than HPC only. And maybe people following does not follow, so advertise them cannot hurt. Even they could make proposals about what they are doing in the HPC world using Guix. I do not know…
<civodul>yeah i have mixed feelings: it's probably more of a "general" Guix event, but OTOH we want to reach out to non-geeks too, so to speak
<civodul>having scientists report on their experience could be nice
<civodul>like, ahem, for instance someone talking about GWL or Snake + Guix
<civodul>that kind of thing
<zimoun>Well, so let only send an email to guix-science.
<civodul>yes, definitely
<civodul>perhaps with an explicit call for experience reports or tools or something
<zimoun>Ok, I will do today (later). If someone wants to do before, please go ahead. :-)
<rekado_>I really gotta implement GUIX_EXTENSIONS_PATH soon
<rekado_>without it using GWL is pretty rough