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<rekado_>I’m trying out guile-drmaa on our cluster with Univa Grid Engine.
<rekado_>I can get a little farther than with my local SLURM, but when I ask to run a job it denies my request with “No default department found”.
<rekado_>odd, that.
<rekado_>there’s no way to specify a department; that’s a user access list setting IIUC
<rekado_>maybe it needs some other environment variable or something like that
<rekado_>SLURM doesn’t have a concept of departments
<civodul>heh, what department are you from?
<civodul>funny, it sounds like the usual OO/DB example with "person", "employee", "department", and all
<rekado_>I thought it was due to nscd not running, but that’s not the case; nscd is enabled on all nodes.
<rekado_>the documentation is really sparse; I only have a copy of the old Sun code, which doesn’t include that error string.
<rekado_>but it looks like an authentication problem; like I’m being assigned the non-existing default department because my account couldn’t be found in the access lists.
<rekado_>or something like that.