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<rekado>hmm, using guile-drmaa with slurm turns out to be tricky
<rekado>as soon as I talk to slurm Guile crashes, because slurm plugins cannot find certain symbols provided by
<rekado>I wonder if that just means that our slurm package is misconfigured.
<rekado>the exact error is: guile: symbol lookup error: /gnu/store/37b7qnwck4pg51qia4w002i62g156xgw-slurm-19.05.3-2/lib/slurm/ undefined symbol: slurm_debug
<rekado>slurm_debug is a symbol in /gnu/store/37b7qnwck4pg51qia4w002i62g156xgw-slurm-19.05.3-2/lib/
<rekado>so perhaps the Guix package just needs fixing
<civodul>libslurm is not among the NEEDed bits of for instance
<civodul>it's ok when SLURM dlopens it because it exports its own symbols
<civodul>how do you end up loading plugins?
<civodul>are they dlopened by libslurm or by guile-drmaa?