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<zimoun>I am just reading all the emails after of a full day of meeting. Nice answer by civodul about the Nix/Guix/Conda/container discussion on french mailing list.
<zimoun>Well, now I am really interested by comparing Guix with Debian and debuerrortype, i.e., this
<civodul>hey zimoun
<civodul>yeah we should complete that one
<rekado>do you have a URL for that discussion?
<zimoun>I do not know if you need login
<zimoun>it is only in french
<rekado>the most disappointing lie in my life is probably the link between Latin and French. When I learned Latin in 5th grade I was told that French is just terrible Latin.
<rekado>I’m terrible at Latin, but I still don’t understand French.
<civodul>though... if French is terrible Latin and you're terrible at Latin, you should be good at French?
<rekado>Thanks for the link! I’ll see if I can decode some of it :)
<rekado>all that remains of my Latin is really just English. Not enough language slots in this brain.