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<leperotero>hi guys, I would make my own HPC Cluster with Linux and I find this channel. I want a diskless HPC cluster, is this possible with Guix? Are there tutorials, how to or some documentation over this topic on GNU Guix?
<rekado>leperotero: hi, while some of us may have experience setting up an HPC cluster, it’s not really the main focus of this channel.
<rekado>Guix can help with the software that should be run on a cluster, independent of whether the cluster itself uses a scheduler from Guix.
<rekado>the research institute where I work has a pretty unexciting HPC cluster with nodes running some version of RHEL and with grid engine as the scheduler.
<rekado>we’re using Guix for all the scientific software, but that doesn’t really affect the design of the HPC cluster at all.