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<rekado_>using the GWL is not as easy as it should be because extending Guix isn’t quite as straight-forward as it could be.
<rekado_>I proposed a GUIX_EXTENSIONS_PATH a while ago, which would be set by Guix, so that installed extensions such as the GWL would automatically be found without extra setup.
<rekado_>my proposal was to guix-devel in message <>
<rekado_>civodul wrote “GUIX_EXTENSIONS_PATH sounds like a good idea. I suppose it could be
<rekado_>implemented pretty much like GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH?” — so I guess someone just needs to add it :)
<zimoun>rekado_: thank you for the explanations. I agree. However, after installing gwl I do not have the subcommand "workflow". Is it expected?
<rekado_>you’d need to augment the GUILE_LOAD_PATH, I think
<rekado_>I never remember exactly what needs to be done — hence the desire to add GUIX_EXTENSIONS_PATH and be done with it once and for all.
<zimoun>ok. I do not have notmuch at hand to easily find your proposal <>. I remember a discussion on the topic but not the details.
<zimoun>So I will be back on the topic this evening. :-)
<rekado_>here it is:
<zimoun>thank you