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<efraim>in guix proper there's a package-with-python2 function that recursively rewites python packages to use python2.7. I could see something like it being helpful if we have more versions of python going forward
<civodul>zimoun`: did you have a chance to work on the draft about the hackathon?
<zimoun`>I am working on it right now. I am late, as usual. :-)
<zimoun`>I am trying to find a good example with SWH but then I hit the bug and days are flying
<zimoun`>And I think I have found error in their Git parser, e.g. or fail and it is not expected.
<civodul>maybe we should focus on the blog post tho :-)
<zimoun`>civodul: yeah for sure, but it was part of what I have tried to do at the hacktathon and the following days. Anyway! I should push something later today. :-)
<civodul>sure, np!