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<bonz060>I want to patch python24 so that when I do a `sys.platfrom` on an linux version that's >= 4, I just get back "linux". How do I go about doing that? `sys.plaform` is a python built-in so I'm guessing I'd have to touch the C files(specifically /Python/getplatform.c). Here's the source code I'm working with:
<bonz060>Never mind. I've found a solution for ^^
<civodul>bonz060: oh cool
<civodul>did you find patches floating around for that?
<bonz060>Nope. I wrote one my self. I spent some time skimming the Python2.4 source code, and after sometime figured out where Platform is being called in the built-ins. I came up with this:
<bonz060>I tested it out and it works.
<bonz060>civodul: I also sent efraim the patches for matplotlib. I reckon he responds way faster :-)
<efraim>I applied it on top of the python- branch, I'll pull it into master after looking through the last patch or two on that branch
<efraim>^ the patch for matplotlib that is
<civodul>bonz060: ah yes, you did well, i've been MIA :-)
<bonz060>civodul: That's cool. You handle way too much imo
<civodul>i agree :-)