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<civodul>bonz060: it may be that python 2.4 records the output of "uname -r" at build time
<civodul>that vaguely rings a bell
<civodul>so if you built it on a Linux 4.x machine, it'll fail to run on a Linux 5.x machine
<civodul>(for no good reason)
<civodul>back in the day i think we had patches in Nixpkgs for that
<civodul>i unbroke 'guix lint' BTW:
<civodul>there's quite a few packages in that channel now, nice :-)
<bonz060>Hmmm... I'll try to figure something out and see how it goes...
<bonz060>At least I've got create an environment that mirrors the build from the /tmp. I've never really done that. I like the experience so far.
<bonz060>/s/got/got to
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<bonz060>Finally got matplotlib built! \o \o :=)
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