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<apteryx>old: thanks! the backtrace suggests perhaps the cycle/problem is with guile 3.0.9 ?
<apteryx>it hangs while computing bag->derivation of guile@3.0.9
<apteryx>ACTION tries that at the REPL
<old>apteryx: pkg-config is part of guile-2.0
<old>well I do not know the internal of Guix to help here
<old>But I guess you could add some peek expression in bad->derivation
<mwette>apteryx: If I was going after this I'd put print `handle' and/or 'input' before the `set-cdr!' in derivations.scm: I don't know how else you can generate circular lists w/o (eventually) calling `set-cdr!'.
<apteryx>old: what is interesting is that pkg-config in current guix doesn't cause the cycle
<apteryx>it is when replacing pkg-config with pkgconf that it happens
<apteryx>even though pkgconf uses the same gnu-build-system build system, and doesn't take any explicit inputs
<apteryx>mwette: thanks, I'm adding some logger to guix and will print a few things
<apteryx>I think there's already some code attempting to report cycles, I'm not sure why this current one is missed
<apteryx>how can I take a symbol from a syntax and turn it into a string? it's not a symbol as in 'warning, but rather just warning
<dthompson>apteryx: in a syntax-case macro? (symbol->string (syntax->datum #'foo))