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<freakingpenguin>Does guile haunt support statically specifying the time for atom:updated? Specifically the one in feed/updated, not each entry.
<freakingpenguin>It would be nice to only update it on, say, git commits, not every build.
<fredmanglis>Hi there. I've been working on a UUID library for guile:
<fredmanglis>I'm doing it on and off, but I think there is now at least something I can share and have others play around with.
<fredmanglis>I do still need to figure out, and implement sensible tests, not to mention, fix the build system.
<wmedrano>Is there a good style guide for Guile? I noticed that Racket seems to have one.
<futurile>wmedrano: I ran into this today - cannot speak to whether it's definitive -
<wmedrano>Yeah, this is a good start. I've been just cargo culting based on what I see (things like suffixing predicates with ?) so nice to see something written down.
<wmedrano> Avoid `literate programming' like the plague.