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<mala>hello, guilers! I have a question -- I'm using a parameterized object in some Guile code ( ) and I wonder if there's any naming norm for these? I'm currently putting earmuffs on it, like *foo*, from the Common Lisp tradition -- but is there another Scheme norm?
<ArneBab>did this patch to quite compiler messages get merged somehow?
<ArneBab>How can I silence repl-welcome? That’s quite annoying in org-babel code execution.
<ArneBab>I tried to set in ~/.guile (set! (@@ (system repl common) repl-welcome) (λ _ #f)) but that seems to come too late.
<mwette>ArneBab: I run into same issue. compile messages can also get in the way. I suggest patch to add current-info-port and allow to initialize to void-port.