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<euouae>Hello I'm looking at <> and I'm trying to understand how the library works
<euouae>In particular, does it work with the latest cairo stable version (1.18)? The guile-cairo version is 1.11.2 and I don't know if the versions mirror those of the cairo release
<euouae>I looked into the source code and as far as I could tell there was very little code in the guile-cairo package. Are the bindings somehow auto-generated?
<apteryx>euouae: guile-cairo package in guix builds against cairo 1.16.0
<euouae>I wonder how that's done!
<euouae>However I discovered that guile-cairo seems to be incomplete. I have no idea how to create a cairo surface because the C enum is not carried over (CAIRO_FORMAT_RGB24, etc)
<apteryx>'guix refresh -l guile-cairo' says: guile-present@0.3.0 guile-openai@0.2-1.751cd5d guile-studio@0.1.1-1.dd0ad42 guile-charting@0.2.0-1.75f755b
<apteryx>you could check their source to see how they make use of it
<euouae>I might
<euouae>Thought I might go with python instead for what I'm trying to do
<euouae>at least to get a feeling for it and I might switch back to guile later
<apteryx>or if guile-cairo has a nice test suite that'd provide good examples too
<euouae>If you're curious apteryx
<euouae>I'm trying to make a PDF note-taking app. Basically I'm trying to de-throne Xournal++ because I think it's bad
<euouae>They wrote it in C++ and it's just a nightmare (I've looked intro the source/contributed before)
<apteryx>I haven't used xournal++, but I'd be happy to have the functionality in a nicer UI :-)
<apteryx>(I've only used the original)
<euouae>Heheh. We'll see how far I can go. I just bought a $10 modern tkinter book and I'll give it a go
<apteryx>cool! good luck :-)
<apteryx>guile-hall may be of use, I've used it recently on that little project:
<apteryx>I've also made my first use of (logging logger) from guile-lib. A bit primitive, but still useful.
<apteryx>there are pending MRs on guile-hall that may be useful
<apteryx>can two guile processes shared memory for the same modules used? I guess not.
<apteryx>share memory*
<euouae>apteryx: why are you using udev?
<euouae>in that main.scm
<mwette>sneek: later tell euouae, if you use ffi-helper on examples/ffi/cairo.ffi from you will get more of cairo; (it depends on how many includes you put in the .ffi file)
<sneek>Will do.
<mwette>sneek: later tell euouae, see also examples/nyacc/lang/ffi-help/cairo-*.scm
<graywolf>Hello :) Is there an expected timeframe for 3.0.10?