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<dsmith>wmedrano, Guile does have posix thread support, but I'm pretty sure you would need to start them from Guile. I'm guessing part of it is informing the GC where the stacks are.
<sektor>Are there bindings for the alsa API?
<sektor>Trying to write a sound card unmuter service for Guix.
<count3rmeasure>I see that dpkg is listed on the guile libraries page, but I haven't been able to find guile sources in the dpkg tree or any associated project? Am I looking in the wrong place for a guile wrapper or integration for dpkg?
<wmedrano>By libraries, do you mean its entry at ?
<wmedrano>I clicked on the Git repo and found the source code at
<count3rmeasure>right, I mean guile source included with the tree for dpkg itself
<count3rmeasure>I can't find anything written in guile connected with dpkg, and I didn't know if I was simply looking wrong or the inclusion is a mistake on the page
<count3rmeasure>which at the moment it appears to be, if I am understanding the purpose of the page correctly; that the following list of projects include a guile program or library or are themselves entirely guile programs or libraries
<daviid>sneek: guile-software?
<sneek>I've heard guile-software is Send an email to tantalum, <sph at posteo dot eu> to make changes or post a new project.
<daviid>count3rmeasure: ^^
<count3rmeasure>thank you daviid:
<count3rmeasure>I actually do have a new project, but I was commenting on the official guile page's list of guile software which does not actually appear to have a dpkg+guile project