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<graywolf>Hi, most autotools-based guile projects have NOCOMP_SOURCES in their I do understand what it is (sources that should not be compiled into .go), but I am not clear on when I would use it. For what type of mudules is compilation harmful and should be avoided?
<rgherdt>graywolf: one use case that comes to mind is if you have a module definition in some my-lib.sld that includes an implementation file (for ex. my-lib-impl.scm).
<rgherdt>in that case you only want to compile the module definition file
<graywolf>Would there be any harm in compiling both?
<apteryx>is anyone using a rotating log handler from guile-lib's logging library? (logging rotating-log)
<apteryx>it seems to eagerly rotate my log to my-application.log.1 instead of leaving 'my-application.log' be for a while
<rgherdt>graywolf: in this case compilation of the implementation file could fail, for instance because the imports are listend in the other file
<graywolf>rgherdt: Oh, now I see. Thank you.
<apteryx>re my assumption that a log-file.1 meant it had been rotated using (logging rotating-log); info guile-library says: The newest log file is always "NAME.1"
<apteryx>that's a bit of an odd choice, but if I can rely on that, OK
<apoorv569>I'm learning guile as my first lisp language, as I'm using gnu guix.
<apoorv569>Well I use Emacs, so know a little elisp as well. But very little.
<apteryx>any guile-hall users around? in which category should I list an architecture-independent file I want installed? (a udev rule)
<apteryx>custom rules it will be