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<apteryx>I've reported my findings thus far in
<apteryx>looking at r6rs-libraries.scm, where does 'version' come from in '#`(library (srfi #,srfi-n (version ...)))' ?
<apteryx>ah nevermind, from the pattern of course
<Kolev>I'm getting an error trying to run the script at <>: Typelib file for namespace 'Gtk' (any version) not found
<Kolev>daviid, I tried running `guix shell guile guile-gi guile-g-golf -- ./hello-world.scm` but it gave the above error.
<daviid>Kolev: i don't use guix
<apteryx>neat, I have a fix for bug #67412
<mwnaylor>Does anyone else have trouble viewing Guile Info pages in emacs?
<mwnaylor>I get missing index errors when selecting some of the link references.
<mwnaylor>I can view the entire Info Guile with the command line utility, but info navigation is much better in emacs.
<Arsen>seems good to me
<old>mwnaylor: are you using guix?
<mwnaylor>old: no.
<old>hmm then I do not know. The only time I had issue with Emacs info was a misconfiguration of mine with Guix
<mwnaylor>I compiled 3.0.9 from source, the created a Slackware package from that.
<spk121>dthompson: OK, now that Microsoft has patched its Terminal to handle the way Guile does console I/O, and my hacked up Guile works again, I spent a few more hours on seeing if I could run Chickadee in Windows 11
<spk121>Working on Guile leading to a patch on windows terminal: who would have imagined that?
<spk121>I got guile-sdl2 to work with one simple patch:
<spk121>The many many windows patches to make a 64-bit guile using UCRT C library are here, but cleaning them up for inclusion would take a lot of effort:
<spk121>now opengl and chickadee don't work together, because "(dynamic-link)" on normal systems means to link to all shared objects loaded into the executable including their children, but DLL systems do not do recursive loading