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<apteryx>ACTION just sent Texinfo doc for SRFI 64 (an import of the upstream spec text)
<apteryx>should a parameter be documented as @deffn {Scheme Procedure} test-runner-current ?
<apteryx>ah, {Scheme Parameter}
<apteryx>srfi 151 sent to guile-devel
<chitochi>hi everyone! i've been trying to get guile to work in an android app for a few days now, and i was wondering if anyone had ever tried / done it? :o
<newfashionedcow>Hey! I'm looking to write bindings for my rust project such that I can use my library with guile. Any recommened approaches?
<chitochi>i was looking into that not so long ago, i read something about an issue with setjmp and longjmp breaking safety or something
<chitochi>if you find a way i am interested too!
<newfashionedcow>damn, I will let you know if I do :)
<chitochi>oh wait i think i misunderstood, do you mean calling a rust library in a guile program?
<chitochi>(that's interesting too tho xD)
<chitochi>ok thank you :)
<newfashionedcow>yea i do!
<newfashionedcow>so basically
<newfashionedcow>chitochi: - i'm trying to write bindings for that
<newfashionedcow>I'm curious about how async would work if at all in guile
<chitochi>i think you can choose multiple route to handle async in guile, guile-fibers for example
<chitochi>maybe you can look at flutter_rust_bridge to learn how they did it between dart and rust?
<newfashionedcow>good idea
<newfashionedcow>Considering I'm pretty terrible at rust and guile, i'll be intersted to see how this goes
<chitochi>i am bad at both too so maybe my advice is not that good xD
<chitochi>just in case, i think there is a package named guile-irc
<chitochi>(not saying you have to use it)
<newfashionedcow>okay i took one look at the flutter_rust_bridge
<newfashionedcow>ACTION is wayyyyyyyyyyyy out of depth
<chitochi>i was thinking specifically of the async part, it's quite a big project xD
<newfashionedcow>chitochi: the fact the rust libary is async is a challenge in of itself
<newfashionedcow>God what have i got myself into lmao
<chitochi>xD i have been trying to link guile and flutter (dart) for the last few days, i understand your pain
<chitochi>worth it tho
<dsmith>sneek, botsnack
<sneek>I've been faithfully serving for 10 days
<sneek>This system has been up 33 weeks, 4 hours, 14 minutes
<apteryx>does guile know to read sources from .sld R7RS library files?
<apteryx>I know it can for a subset of them when using the .scm extension, but I'm not sure if it honors the .sld extension as Scheme files.
<dsmith>From NEWS:
<dsmith>The '.sld' is what the R7RS suggests as a source file name extension.
<dsmith>It is now recognized when running "guile --r7rs", as well as
<dsmith>the '.guile.sld' extension.
<dsmith>Looks like first appeared in 3.0.1
<apteryx>seems to work; I may have encountered a bug in my 'include' fix
<apteryx>I'm not even using --r7rs and it works
<apteryx>re the bug, I was seeing this: until I ran guild compile on srfi-151 explicitly first
<apteryx>so some inter-compilation problem perhaps
<apteryx>yep, sadly reproducible: