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<apteryx>hm, I'm trying to run the compiler.test alone; how do I do that?
<apteryx>I thought './meta/guile -L test-suite test-suite/tests/compiler.test' should work, but I get: no code for module (test-suite lib)
<apteryx>this works: ./meta/guile -L $PWD/test-suite -L . test-suite/tests/compiler.test
<apteryx>is there a simple API to get the source file mapping from a .go file?
<apteryx>brute force way: (system "strings hello.go | grep -q '^hello.scm$'")
<apteryx>works in the context of my test
<dsmith>apteryx, re source name from a .go file, wingo would know.
<mwette>apteryx: not clean, but
<sneek>Welcome back mwette, you have 1 message!
<sneek>mwette, apteryx says: whippet reminds me of that grand-parents' favorite:
<mwette>^ I think there is a functino in system/base/compile.scm to do the same to find full path