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<tohoyn>It seems that current-filename stops working if you set GUILE_LOAD_PATH.
<rekado>tohoyn: did you compile the file containing current-filename?
<tohoyn>rekado: no, I let it compile automatically
<tohoyn>rekado: now I compiled the file with GUILE_LOAD_PATH set. current-filename has value #f.
<euouae>I'm having a bit of trouble using emacs and geiser-guile
<euouae>I am trying to learn some guile -- I don't know scheme, but I know common lisp
<euouae>I have this source code <> and when I do geiser-mode-switch-to-repl I get a scheme@(hello)> prompt where nothing is defined
<tohoyn>euouae: what commands have you used to run the source code?
<ArneBab>haugh: a procedure that’s just one vector literal will have the vector literal recognized as return value, not as doctest. So yes ☺ (that’s not done by me; it’s all the consequence of how Scheme works)
<apteryx>what are '*.sld', and are they usable by Guile as-is, or I have to rewrite them to use 'define-module' instead of 'define-library' ?
<apteryx>seems it's a 'scheme library definition'; I guess that aims to be portable across schemes?
<apteryx>it's part of R7RS-small; do we have that in Guile yet?
<haugh>apteryx, ice-9/r7rs-libraries.scm
<apteryx>hm, For complete documentation, we advise the interested user to consult the R7RS directly (*note (r7rs)R7RS::). but this leads me nowhere
<apteryx>is r7rs expected to be packaged separately?
<haugh>I would also like to know where to download those info docs
<haugh>guile also has references to at least an r6rs one but I never found a source
<haugh>s/guile/the guile manual