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<apteryx>daviid: thanks
<apteryx>phew, I've unbroke the build of guile-hall
<daviid>apteryx: you mean upstream guile-hall "configure; make" failed, or is this comment guix related - if the former, it'd be nice to mail the author with patch(es)
<pukkamustard>Hello Guilers!
<pukkamustard>I get a duplicate datum warning for things like (case x ('a 1) ('b 2)). I don't understand why. What's the problem with this?
<tohoyn>daviid: I solved the image file issue by creating symbolic links in /usr/share/info/g-golf/images
<lloda>pukkamustard: that is illegal syntax, it should be (case x ((a) 1) ((b) 2))
<lloda>the error is obscure tho
<pukkamustard>lloda: thanks!
<lloda>fwiw i've gotten into the habit of using match instead of case for this kind of thing. The exact syntax you gave would have worked and you're protected from not giving an else clause
<sneek>Yey! dsmith-work is back :)
<dsmith-work>sneek, botsnack
<dsmith-work>Howdy, Guilers
<isaneran>howdy hey
<apteryx>daviid: 'make install' of upstream guile-hall fails to install hall/hconfig.scm (and the byte compiled version too)
<apteryx>I fixed it in that series:
<apteryx>in the last commit
<daviid>apteryx: great
<apteryx>how can I used xdg home directories with Guile?
<apteryx>should I manually build these with e.g. (getlogin) to retrieve the current user name?
<apteryx>(getenv "XDG_CACHE_HOME") is one way, but it may not be set
<apteryx>ah, of course, guix has a 'xdg-directory' procedure under (guix utils)
<apteryx>it tries the XDG environment variable first, else falls back to (or (getenv "HOME") (passwd:dir (getpwuid (getuid)))) to get the home directory and appends the suffix to that
<apteryx>I'm guessing (getlogin) is a shorter equivalent of (passwd:dir (getpwuid (getuid)))
<apteryx>ah no, they are different
<apteryx>getlogin is just the user name