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<haugh>does clojure have some kind of on-line doc system akin to info?
<abcdw>haugh: There is a, but I'm not sure if it "akin to info". Also, I remember a couple more efforts like, but never used them.
<sneek>abcdw, you have 1 message!
<sneek>abcdw, graywolf says: The oficial one works, I just have to use the -syntax-case variant. :) But thanks anyway
<abcdw>sneek: tell later graywolf It would be cool to have SRFI-197 as a part of guile, IMHO.
<sneek>later, abcdw says: graywolf It would be cool to have SRFI-197 as a part of guile, IMHO.
<daviid>abcdw: it's 'ourwonderfulbot later tell foo ...'
<lilyp>haugh: error is probably defined in C code as scm_error
<haugh>lilyp hey thanks for following up, I should have updated. I found scm-error in language/tree-il/primitives
<haugh>the core of my misunderstanding was not realizing that all the stuff in `(guile)Error Reporting' is implemented on top of throw/catch, not exception objects
<haugh>If I understand correctly, scm-error is just throw
<haugh>error is in boot-9, it's just a scm-error wrapper
<abcdw>daviid: oops, thank you!
<abcdw>sneek: later tell graywolf It would be cool to have SRFI-197 as a part of guile, IMHO.
<lloda>the situation with exceptions is very confusing, especially as the old funcions all have the better names
<def_ident737>Hi everyone, I consider learning Guile but what does it means for me that it's a scheme implementation? Can I use all or some of libs from other scheme implementations?
<ekaitz>def_ident737: some
<ekaitz>the standard library is way different from one scheme to another
<ekaitz>there are attempts to make them standard
<def_ident737>thanks. Is Guile a good choice? What else to consider? Racket? I'm full-time Clojure dev, but looking for a lang for smaller programs where Clojure would be too heavy
<lilyp>Well, Guile is quite fast in benchmarks and it implements R5RS
<lilyp>Clojure is afaik not a Scheme, so it doesn't show up here.
<dsmith>RhodiumToad, You can use `;; Local Variables:` ... `;; End:` at the end of the file
<ekaitz>def_ident737: i was a clojure programmer in the past... I love clojure. If you are looking for a clojure, there's only one of that. Scheme has some differences that might be annoying at the beginning but Guile is one of the best choices for a good Scheme.
<ekaitz>def_ident737: it depends also in what are you looking for, but most of the scheme inconveniences you'll find being a clojure programmer you are going to find in every scheme
<ekaitz>def_ident737: my suggestion is to pick one. Guile is good. Has good support for C extensions so there are many libs available that are just wrappers around C libraries... and, hey! we are here to help!
<def_ident737>ekaitz: thank you. I think I'll choose guile and do my first project on the weekend to experiment a little
<ekaitz>def_ident737: that's a good decision! good luck!
<RhodiumToad>dsmith: I know you can put local vars at the end, that wasn't the question
<graywolf>Hi, I am looking at (web server) module, and it looks like it always calls the handler with a <request> and the body as a string. Is there a way to get a port instead of the string? I am thinking about how to handle large posts that might not fit into the available memory.
<sneek>graywolf, you have 1 message!
<sneek>graywolf, abcdw says: It would be cool to have SRFI-197 as a part of guile, IMHO.
<graywolf>abcdw: I agree :) In the mean time I just packaged it into my guix channel so that I just use it.
<mwnaylor>haugh: Sorry, missed your documentation question. I pull the git repo for the Clojure project. It includes the full html documentation for the included modules.
<haugh>mwnaylor, okay gotcha. I think the TUI system we call "info" (whether that be in emacs or with standalone info(1)) is a huge advantage. The main difference is that it's indexed, so navigating it is breezy