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<sneek>wb chrislck!
<chrislck>sneek: botsnack
<RhodiumToad>ACTION wonders whether to write a fixed version of srfi-171
<sneek>wb chrislck
<sneek>Welcome back dsmith
<dsmith>sneek, botsnack
<dthompson>does anyone know how, with autotools, you can create a wrapper script that sets up guile load paths properly?
<dthompson>there's a bunch of guile programs in guix that have a special build phase that wraps executables to deal with this and I'm wondering if the projects themselves could deal with it.
<dthompson>this includes some of my own stuff :)
<dthompson>even the guix package in guix does it so maybe there is no good answer
<mwette>dthompson: not really sure what you are asking, but typically you can generate template scripts (ending in .in) that get substitutes via configure. Look at guile's meta/ file.
<mwette>and generate your wrapper
<dthompson>yeah this is going beyond the basic template script stuff
<dthompson>I'm just going to not worry about it since no other guile project seems to
<rekado>dthompson: not sure if that’s what you had in mind, but the GWL’s entry script sets the load path to whatever it had captured at configure time:
<rekado>don’t know if this makes sense on any system other than Guix
<dthompson>rekado: I get emails every so often from people not understanding why Haunt isn't working when they installed it /usr/local but guile's local path is /usr.
<dthompson>I'll take a look at gwl is doing.
<dthompson>s/local path/load path/
<rekado>the GWL is a bit weird in that it is launched by a running Guile process, and so it must re-execute itself with a known good load path.
<dthompson>hmm interesting
<rekado>so I’m capturing the load path as detected at configure time and embed it in this .in template, so that at runtime I can reset it from whatever the default is.
<dthompson>ah okay looks like you're using the same magic as guix
<dthompson>I tried this and the darn shell variables were still in the compiled template... will need to debug.
<sneek>Yey! dsmith is back :D
<dsmith>sneek, botsnack!
<dsmith>There's a good bot
<sneek>ACTION wags
<rekado>dthompson: the magic happens in
<rekado>dthompson: this bit right here:
<dthompson>rekado: ha I just noticed this
<dthompson>what a mess
<rekado>frankly, 80% of the time I feel like I’m working against the assumptions that are ingrained in autoconf and automake
<dthompson>yeah it's all trash
<rekado>the other 20% I’m too busy looking for existing snippets to feel anything
<dthompson>every guile project just snarfs some autotools magic from guix and moves on
<singpolyma>Better just skip the autotools entirely. Save yourself the hassle
<dthompson>that's an even worse idea than not using them at all
<dthompson>than using them*
<dthompson>you'd go from something that actually builds easily for users to something that doesn't
<singpolyma>Except that autotools are hell for users
<singpolyma>Half the time I have to write my own makefile to build other people's projects because autotools is so broken
<dthompson>well we'll have to agree to disagree there
<dsmith>Makefiles can be fairly simple if you have pkg-configs for any dependencies
<RhodiumToad>when doing packaging work, I've had more issues with guile-related projects that used cmake or meson than ones that use autotools