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<rlb>I have some cases where they don't but haven't had a chance to see if it's a broader issue, or maybe just an issue with the debian packages.
<rlb>e.g. (procedure-documentation string-filter) -> #f here.
<rlb>But there are docs in the SCM_DEFINE.
<haugh>I should compare my debian/guix installs
<rlb>I won't be surprised if I made a mistake that needs fixing...
<rlb>iirc, those docs are found by searching for, and then through the .txt file.
<haugh>euouae, I'm sorry, I meant the ,describe REPL command, not ,document
<haugh>jeez I need more coffee
<euouae>Aha! nice. thank you
<euouae>Yes CAR was a bad example because it didn't have docs!
<euouae>my other attempt was (procedure-documentation procedure-documentation) which also returned #f!
<euouae>but as it turns out ,describe does show the docs.
<haugh>(procedure-documentation procedure-documentation) works for me on 3.0.5
<euouae>3.0.9 here
<euouae>oh huh. apparently it works _after_ ,describe but not before it
<haugh>what in the name of GNU
<euouae>state machines. they're... fascinating
<Arsen>seems to be broken here also
<Arsen>at least if (procedure-documentation procedure-documentation) is supposed to return something but #f
<haugh>Yes I have the same behavior where it works after ,describe
<euouae>Perhaps it is a bug. I will not make a bug report on this for now
<apteryx>haugh: I've reported it as bug#66057
<rlb>wingo: moved the utf8 guile repo from guile-tmp to guile on codeberg fwiw:
<rlb>sneek: later tell mwette moved the utf8 guile repo from guile-tmp to guile on codeberg
<sneek>Got it.
<rlb>wingo: in case it's preferable for you (or anyone else), the parallel testing changes are now also available via and the corresponding rev branch. You should be able to see a difference by just checking that out and selecting a suitable high -j.
<rlb>(Much more approachable than the utf-8 changes, I'd imagine.)
<rdrg109>[Question] This is executed successfully: (local-file "a") This throws an error: (local-file (string-append "a")) The error thrown is In procedure port-column: Wrong type argument in position 1: #<closed: string 7f1fa01e3cb0> Why local-file faills when it is provided with a string that was obtained from a sexp?
<civodul>‘local-file’ is a macro that’s most useful when passed a literal string, because then it resolves the file name relative to the file it’s in
<civodul>now, it’s supposed to work with non-literal strings
<civodul>do you have a complete example?
<old>is this guix related?
<dsmith>sneek, botsnack
<sneek>I've been faithfully serving for 2 days
<sneek>This system has been up 24 weeks, 1 day, 20 hours, 1 minute
<rdrg109>civodul: Here's some context: I have a directory that contains some files. I want to programmatically build a list of the form (list (local-file "FILE1") (local-file "FILE2") (local-file "FILE3"))
<rdrg109>old: Yes, ^ The build that I'm trying to list willl be provided to home-xdg-configuration-files-service-type
<old>rdrg109: maybe you will have a quicker reply in #guix then
<rdrg109>old: Ok, thanks!
<ieugen>hi, (new to guile). Is there an API that can list network interfaces on a computer?
<ieugen>I checked this and could not find what I was looking for
<ieugen>I am looking for an API like NetworkInterface from java
<RhodiumToad>afaik there isn't one built in; you could probably use the FFI to get at the underlying OS's functions for it
<ieugen>thanks @rhodiumtoad , will check that out
<rlb>Alternately could probably also parse the output of one of the standard system tools, or the system's relevant /proc /sys etc. files.