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<ArneBab>wingo: hoo!
<haugh>wingo, thanks for your blog post on lambda compilation. The concept of "defeating the inliner" made me laugh. I do feel a lot better now about all these lambdas, but I worry that I learn unhealthy lessons, such as "less bytecode gooder" and "I do not like compilers"
<Arsen>but compilers are so fun!
<ArneBab>wingo: regarding your blog post about positive visions of the future: two years ago I started collecting links about climate news. When I looked back on the links collected a year later, I was surprised how many of them showed positive developments. And that’s a pattern that persisted: (about half the links and comments are in English, but you can just look at the table of contents: 💡 is
<ArneBab>positive, ⚠ is a warning )