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<rebiw>is there a tool similar to doxygen but for guile?
<samplet>rebiw: Not really. There is ‘guild doc-snarf’ and you can put Texinfo in doc comments.
<samplet>IIRC GNU does not consider extracting documentation from source code an alternative to writing a proper manual (as a matter of policy).
<samplet>That’s always been my (pure speculation) theory as to why the practice is not common among Guilers.
<samplet>That’s an ancient (but still neat) treatment of the idea.
<rebiw>Thank you I was not familiar with ‘guild doc-snarf' I will look into that.
<rebiw>Thanks for that link, I was looking for some kind of example and tool as to how to write the code. I will use the guile-lib style as an example.
<mwette>I worked on a method where texinfo is imbedded in comments and I used a emacs minor-mode to convert to docstring. It needs work but here is an example: and here is the minor-mode: which needs work