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<retropikzel>When using guile in r7rs mode should I just import guile modules like r7rs libraries? For example (import (system foreign))? It does not seem to work for me
<retropikzel>Nevermind, I made error somewhere else
<mwnaylor>Other than geiser, what is a good way to run guile as an inferior process in emacs?
<graywolf>Hello :) If I want to validate arguments to a procedure (#:name must be a string, #:uuids must be a list of strings, ...), is (ice-9 match) the best approach? Or is the common practice just not to check?
<mwnaylor>There seems to be several sub nodes missing from the 7 Guile Modules info system. Web, getopt-long, SRFI Support, R6RS Support, R7RS Support, Pattern Matching, and Readline Support.
<samplet>graywolf: Not that I know of. Are you familiar with Racket’s contract system? I always thought it would be nice to have in Guile.
<samplet>mwnaylor: I have all of those (I’m on Guix).
<graywolf>samplet: No, but will check it out for inspiration, thanks
<samplet>AIUI, to have it work really well for error reporting, you need impersonators and chaperones. That would require monkeying with Guile internals.
<samplet>ACTION wonders if ‘apply’ is a generic procedure
<graywolf>I... have no idea what any of that means :D Need to do some reading on the terms
<samplet>They’re Racket-specific ways of wrapping procedures. When a contract fails, they enable the “blame” system to accurately report why.
<samplet>If ‘apply’ were generic, it could be extended (maybe – I’m just guessing) to support impersonators and chaperones.
<samplet>In Scheme, ‘apply’ is what dictates how procedures work. I don’t know how much Scheme background you have. Now I’m just nervously explaining everything! :)
<mwnaylor>samplet: I have the links on the 7 Guile Modules node, but no content when I click on the links. I rebuilt the package from soure today, hoping the missing nodes would show up. No joy.
<graywolf>Not much, guile is my first incursion into the lisp land :)
<samplet>mwnaylor: They all work for me. Ouch, by the way. The speed of looking something up in info is one of my favourite parts of Guile. I would be sad to miss it! :(